Ticket Type and Delivery
  • Ticket Type
  • If your tickets are electronic you won't receive anything in the mail.
  • Your reservation and your ticket are in the airline's computer system.
  • All you need is to know your departure dates and times. This information you can take from our confirmation email.
  • You also need a picture ID at the airport to prove that the name in the computer reservation system and the name on the ID are the same.
  • Ticket Delivery
  • If your tickets are paper tickets they will be delivered to your credit card billing address by an express delivery service. P.O.Boxes are not acceptable.
  • Ticket delivery options:
    1. Ticket Delivery - Please contact us to arrange the delivery of your tickets.
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  • If you need any further assistance, e-mail us at this address. We'd be delighted to help!
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